What is plc and SCADA?


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what is plc and SCADA


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    PLC: Programmable Logic Controller , it is a Industrial Computer (It is a hardware)that performs discrete or sequential logic in a company environment.
    It was originally developed to replace mechanical relays, timers, counters.
    PLC are used successfully to execute complicated control operations in a plant.
    It is a controlling device that controls output process through logic programs given to it.
    Examples of some important brand PLCs are; Allen Bradely, Siemens, Omron etc
    Applications of PLC:
    1. Reliability in operation
    2. Flexibility in control
    3. Online/Offline modifications
    4. Speed in operation
    5. Security

    SCADA: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition :
    It is a monitoring and controlling software, runs on PC and is generally connected to varies PLCs and other peripheral devices.
    Examples of SCADA Software used in industries are; R.S View, Wonderware, Win CC.

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