What is Schema? How Is It Done?


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What is Schema?

The schema is a structure for a database or code which is used in a website such that the search engines know what’s on your webpage. They are like rich snippets.

Schema tells the search engines about your page and its contents. Next, the search engines can interpret them so that relevant results get displayed.

Here is an example by Brightlocal.com to know the working of Schema:

If a page is talking about Java, your Schema markup will make clear to search engines whether the page is about coffee, a programming language code or the Island in Indonesia. This is one of the most important benefits of Schema markup — it can be used to clarify exactly what a business is about.” There are many benefits of Schema Markup For SEO In 2018.

How is it done?

Schema micro-data is put in the page content to define what it is and how to be treated. Even you don’t need to know the basics of coding as well. Schema.org gives you several common types of schemas or markup vocabularies which are easily read by the search engines.

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