What is scope of electrical engineering?


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can anyone tell me the scope of electrical engineering

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    Electrical Engineering has a very broad scope with the science and technology which includes electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism in order to design, construct, and maintain products, services, and information systems.

    Electrical Engineering is a branch that deals with the field related with power transmission and engine control.
    There are two options available after completing B.Tech in Electrical Engineering.

    Alternative 1: Take up job

    There are numerous great job openings accessible after completing B.Tech(Electrical Engineering). If you pursue M.Tech/ MBA/ M.S after gaining some work experience, you will be in a better position to grasp the course contents and apply them appropriately to the work.
    As you said that you as of now got an offer in L&T and you are also interested in pursuing M.Tech/ MBA/ M.S, a better option will be to work for two years and then pursue further studies.
    If you are financially sound and there is no compulsion of taking up a job, then you can opt for higher studies.
    Option 2: Higher education
    After completing B.Tech (Electrical Engineering), you can plan for further studies like M.Tech or MBA or M.S.

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