What Is The Difference Between Functional Requirement And Non-Functional Requirement?


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    Functional necessities indicates a capacity that a system or system part should have the capacity to perform. It can be reported in different ways. The most well-known ones are composed portrayals in reports, and utilize cases.
    1. Business Rules
    2. Exchange amendments, modifications and cancelations
    3. Managerial capacities
    4. Verification
    5. Approval levels
    6. Review Tracking
    7. Outside Interfaces
    8. Affirmation Requirements
    9. Detailing Requirements
    10. Authentic Data
    11. Lawful or Regulatory Requirements

    Any Non-Functional Requirement which indicates how the system plays out a specific capacity.
    At the end of the day, a non-useful necessity will portray how a system ought to act and what restricts there are on its usefulness.
    Non-useful prerequisites for the most part indicate the system quality properties or attributes,
    1. Performance requirements
    2. Interface requirements
    3. Operational requirements
    4. Resource requirements
    5. Verification requirements
    6. Acceptance requirements
    7. Documentation requirements
    8. Security requirements
    9. Portability requirements
    10. Quality requirements
    11. Reliability requirements
    12. Maintainability requirements
    13. Safety requirements

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