What Is The Future Of Information Technology?


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Information technology is ever changing. It has gone through various advancements and is evolving with time. And watching its history and trends that it has been following, we can say that information technology would continue to have a great future. But there is one challenge that IT sector faces a lot and that is the security issues. Also a major issue for the IT sector.

Security could badly impact connection to public networks. If the issues are not well addressed there would be more fear, insecurities and lesser trust factor among people and organizations.

Well, to mention, the main problem is not the machines, but the workforce involved at every level, inside an organization. And this is a hopeless situation to mention. In several cases, IT does not even look into proper authentication privileges of employees fired for the duration of about six months. The real threats are not from the outside but insiders, both unintentional and malicious. To mention, even good employees must have faced with accidents of theft in buses and transport services. And if data and essential things fall into wrong hands, imagine how bad that would be for an organization.

Also to mention about various tools that several people might take in advantage to breach security, steal money and information and take to blackmailing or sell them to opposite parties. And to state that, AI cannot solve this issue, because the problem does not lie in machines but in people. The malicious minds of people to say. And if no measures are taken to resolve this problem, the future of IT mainly in public domain is full of threats, though achievements are making their own ways in own pace.

Only solution feasible could be if some SNA architecture is possible because at least some gaps in internal networks are difficult to compromise and easy to get them secured from insider threats.

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