What is the Salaries after B.Tech Electrical Engineering in Private/Government Organizations?


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Can anyone tell me about this.

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    Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported .


    Private Organizations:

    B.Tech Electrical students can land lucrative positions with many pioneer firms in private segment. In actuality, students who have concentrated electrical engineering have an opportunity to land extremely lucrative positions in the present industry.
    They can find jobs in sectors like,
    Power plants:
    Electromechanical firms
    Manufacturing industry
    Electrical appliance manufacturing
    Electrical design and consultancy
    Fabricating industry
    firms Students who are utilized in the private division will be attracting pay rates from Rs 2.5 lakhs to around Rs 12 lakhs. The compensation scale in this field will likewise rely on the sort of the firm, its area, the work profile and experience of the applicant

    Government Organizations:
    The initial compensation of B.Tech Electrical Engineering graduates will be roughly Rs. 10,000 a month in people in general part particularly in electricity boards. Alongside experience, compensation will likewise increment and experienced experts of higher evaluations in government segment can gain up to a scope of Rs 35000 to Rs 50000 every month notwithstanding alternate advantages like gratuity and so on. A portion of the very much famous associations where students can get work are BHEL, A.P.Transco, NTPC and GENCO.

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