What is torque converter and how it works.


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want to know about torque converter

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    Torque converter consists of the following
    (i) The driving element/ impeller/ pump that is connected to the engine.
    (ii) The driven element /rotor / turbine that is connected to the propeller shaft
    (iii) The fixed element/ reaction member / stator that is fixed to the frame.
    In a torque converter, torque multiplication takes place in the following way. The oil leaving vanes hits the stator vanes. This oil is redirected into the pump vanes in a direction which helps the pump operation. This oil is thrown into the turbine by the pump. It is a continuous process. The fluid pushes repeatedly on the turbine vanes increase the torque on the turbine. In several designs of torque converters, the torque is somewhat doubled. However, as the speed of the turbine approaches the speed of the pump, the rise in torque falls of gradually till it becomes 1:1. At this stage, the oil starts striking the rear faces of the vanes in the stator, thus making the stator to turn. Now the stator does not take part in torque converter action. Under these conditions, the torque converter simply acts as a fluid fly-wheel

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