Which are the various sectors for mechanical engineers to work?


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Want to know in which sectors mechanical engineer can do work

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    Here we mention, some of the industries you could be working in as a mechanical engineer.
    Aerospace engineers are all about flight, whether be it planes, missiles or rockets. They design fuel-efficient aircrafts that reduce emissions, build the fleets of satellites that power modern GPS technology, and create the next generation spacecrafts for missions Mars and beyond.
    Mechanical engineers drive the automobile industry. From 100-seater bendy buses to single seat F1 cars, they design bodyshells and combustion systems for every type of moving vehicle.
    Working in the biomedical industry, engineers change lives. They create better and lifelike artificial limbs to improve quality of life for injured and disabled people.
    Construction & Building
    Major construction projects depend on mechanical engineers to focus on the details. This could mean designing the heating, cooling and ventilation systems for a 28-storey hotel, choosing the best way to deliver mains gas to an entire housing estate.
    Here mechanical engineers yield things. Whether it’s high-volume, mass-produced goods, ultra-tech equipments, they develop machines and technology that design and produce the goods our growing population needs.
    The mechanical engineers power the world. They generate and deliver the energy we require. This could be designing nuclear power plants, planning new long-distance grid connections, or solar storage cells or giant hydroelectric ‘batteries’ buried under mountains.
    Starting from track, signals and trains, to ticket barriers and tunnels; even control systems are the responsibility of mechanical engineers.

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