Which is the best place for girls shopping at reasonable prices in Pune?


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wants to know about pune city

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    Following are the places where you can go for shopping:
    1) Hongkong Lane : It is located in near Garware Bridge in pune, Great deals with fashionable outfits.
    2) Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Mandai: This is open market comprising of more than 500 stalls n they selling fresh fruit and vegetables.
    3) Fashion Street: This is only For clothing and fashion.
    4) Laxmi Road: It is foe all readymade garments. The road starts with alka talkies and it’s near about 4km.
    5) Bajirao Road: This road is for home remedies and furniture needs with most shops dealing with it.
    6) Juna Bazar: This refers to “Old Market”. In this jwellary, clothes, shoes cosmetics.

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