Why do people like Pune?


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about the pune city

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    Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported .


    1) Oxford of East: Pune has various educational institutes like schools, colleges , medical & engineering colleges. Some of these listed in best colleges in India.
    2) Queen Of Deccan: Pune has a very pleasant climate all year around.The daytime may be little high in summers but evinings and are always breezy ans cool.The whole city is covering in green.
    3) A Growing IT hub: Pune is growing as a metropolitan city and this is attracting to various IT companies to set up there base n corporate offices. As IT industry is increasing, the job opportunity also increasing.
    4) Educated Crowd: As it is an educational center of India and growing og IT hub. The crowd is educated and well behave on public places. It has a very cosmpolitan.
    5) Peacefull :My favorite reason to live in Pune is the peacefull environment. It is Perfect for elderly people , such surroundings keep them healthy.
    6) In close proximity to hill stations: there are number of popular hill stations located near pune . They are so close that if you are rich n have a loads of money. You can plan for every weekend and spend time with your friends and family.
    7) safe: As i said in the introduction that pune was the safest city that i ever stayed in. Here i can go out in midnight not an any problem.
    8) Cheaper than othet city: Pune is better than other city to live here.
    9) In close proximity to forts: It is historical place , the stories associated with and battles fought make them even more interesting. Some forts are populat their construction, some are popular their battles, some are trekking destination near pune.
    10) Vada Pav and Miasal Pav: Thia are my favorite snacks, I can eat them at every time. I specially loved with Maharashtrian food.

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