Why is Usain Bolt so fast?


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Do you know why Usain can run with such amazing speed…

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    We all knew how fast Usain Bolt can run but you know the reasons why he can much faster than any of us apart from saying his height. You want to know the facts I am mentioning some facts here!
    Dr. Sam Allen, Lecturer in Biomechanics at Loughborough University, acknowledges the difficulty in pinpointing the exact anatomical or biomechanical factors behind Bolt’s speed:
    ‘What we do know is that elite sprinters need to be able to generate extremely high muscle forces relative to their body mass, in the very short period of time when they’re actually in contact with the ground. All other things being equal, most sprinters spend a similar length of time in the air once they’re at top speed, but better sprinters spend less time on the ground.’
    Dr. Ian, Sports Biomechanics Laboratory Director at Cardiff Metropolitan University, also agree and suggests what should be better understand Bolt’s prowess if we cast our minds back to GCSE physics, and Newton’s Laws of Motion:
    ‘The first foot contact after the blocks might last about 0.2 seconds, then it gradually reduces to about 0.1 seconds at the maximum velocity; it’s all about being powerful in each ground contact.’
    I think you got the point why Usain Bolt run fast. If you think there are more facts behind Usain Bolt’s speed please mention here, I am happy to hear from you. Thanks for asking a question-related sport so we can share the knowledge about maintaining fitness.

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