why You’ll Consider To Choose Automated Testing Over Manual ?


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manual testing


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    Manual programming testing is performed by a human sitting before a PC deliberately experiencing application screens, attempting different use and info mixes, contrasting the outcomes with the normal conduct and recording their perceptions. Manual tests are rehashed frequently amid advancement cycles for source code changes and different circumstances like various working situations and equipment arrangements.
    A automated testing apparatus can playback pre-recorded and predefined activities, contrast the outcomes with the normal conduct and report the achievement or disappointment of these manual tests to a test build. Once automated tests are made they can without much of a stretch be rehashed and they can be reached out to perform errands incomprehensible with manual testing. Along these lines, insightful administrators have discovered that automated programming testing is a fundamental part of effective advancement ventures.
    1. Automated Software Testing Saves Time and Money
    2. Increases Your Test Coverage
    3. Automated Testing Improves Accuracy
    4. Automation Does What Manual Testing Cannot
    5. Automated QA Testing Helps Developers and Testers
    6. QA and Dev Team Morale Improves

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