would you be willing to contribute to getting SEO on the site ??


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I\’d like this site to be SEO compliant. google does not pick up any posts off the site because the URLs are not \”descriptive\” which is a requirement by google SEO. to do this and in general make the forum SEO compliant so that it gets picked up by search engines will require some re-tooling of the scripts under the hood. I can do basic phpBB mods. I read through one of the better more common SEO mod directions and there is a lot there – there are many risks. any wrong move can kill the forum. although the database will remain intact it could take a bunch of time to rebuild the forum. I don\’t want to take the risk doing it myself. Nor do I want one of the registered members here to do it because if you mess it up, its dead. I won\’t bother to fix it, frankly.

I\’d rather pay someone to do this. would you be willing to contribute to getting SEO on the site if it costs money?
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