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Safety Measures to Avoid Electrical Accidents

Safety Measures to Avoid Electrical Accidents

It is very important to follow safety measures at the time of operating with electrical machines, especially for the first time. While handling electrical devices you need to follow some safety precautions provided by industry experts. If an accident occurs then an inquiry is ordered normally. It is necessary to insulate the items carrying electricity. It is very important to point contacts and switch contacts for periodical point heating and sparking.

Important Safety Measures to Avoid Electric Accidents:

1) It is necessary to earth all the metallic parts which can be accessed externally

2) Electrical appliances must be free from inflammable materials, electric control panels or electric line wires.

3)Circuit breakers and over-tripping must be used whenever needed

4) It is very important to replace defective and worn-out electric fittings.

5) Electrical faults cannot be repaired by untrained professionals

6) Rubber gloves, safety belts, helmet, safety items and boots with rubber soles must be utilized by an electrician at the time of dealing with high voltages. Electrical mechanics are very much needed by these appliances.

7) It is always good to prevent overloading of circuits.

8) If an electrical device is not in use for a long period of time then it should be unplugged.

9) At the time of maintenance work, the main power supply must be switched off. The power supply must be switched on and off by an authorized person.

10) When an electrical apparatus is under work then one should avoid touching the metal case of this device.

11) In all the locations, it is very important to provide proper type of wiring.

12) In all the locations it is very important to provide ideal wiring.

13) For detecting the damages it is very much important to inspect the device frequently.

14) As per the rules and regulations, it is important to maintain good standards of safety items.

There is a possibility to experience an electric shock because of some carelessness in such cases you need to save the life of the victim. After an electric shock, if a victim does not breathe then remove all the hindrances from the victim’s mouth with your hand. You need to sit near the upper body of the victim and place both of your hands on the collarbone with your thumbs touching each other. The back of the victim must be massaged with gentle strokes towards the shoulder. It is continued until the patient is revived. It is possible to save the victim’s life by following the above electrical safety tips.

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