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Secrets To Get Over 6K Twitter Followers In A  Month

Secrets To Get Over 6K Twitter Followers In A Month

Are you new to Twitter and wondering how to use Twitter. Or you must be eager to find out how to get followers on Twitter. If you want to create your social media presence on Twitter, this blog is just for you. But you should remember that you need real followers to get real engagement with your posts. So be cautious about that and increase Twitter Followers with these top 8 best tips.

The most rapid way to use your twitter to bring more traffic to your blog’s and that you can do by getting more followers.

Unless you are a celebrity you need to work to get followers; you won’t get them, naturally.

Sharing quick stats on twitter as of June 30, 2017:

  • Monthly active users: 313 million
  • Unique visits monthly to sites with embedded Tweets: 1 billion
  • Active users on mobile: 82%
  • Employees worldwide: 3,860
  • Accounts outside U.S.: 79%

CEO of Twitter: Jack Dorsey

Doesn’t that say how active users are there on twitter?

So how to get more twitter followers quickly?

Here are top 8 tips on how to increase twitter followers quickly:

1. Use Bio Hacks:


Use Twitter hashtag related to your industry under your twitter bio.

For instance, if you are a fitness enthusiast, use hashtags like #fitness, #fitnessfreak #yoga, etc in your Twitter bio. Make sure to use the words like “Follow me and I’ll follow you back”.

If you are a beginner, only by using this Twitter bio hack, you can get twitter followers fast.

By using those phrases in your Twitter bio, you can successfully attract a ton of people. By using the relevant hashtags in your bio, you will attract relevant twitter followers as well.

2. Follow Influencers First

This works like a magic. Get more twitter followers free instantly by following the influencers. Make a list of all twitter influencers in your industry and follow them.

You might think, they won’t be following me, then why should I?

The purpose of following influencers in your industry:

People tend to follow the followers of influencers to simply improve their count. So in that way, it could be helpful to you.

With the help of automation tools like ManageFlitter, Tweepy etc to find and follow influencer’s followers. A great way to get followers automatically.

The people who follow the influencers might follow you if you retweet their stuff often or comment on their links.

Create a list of 50 to 100 twitter influencers in your niche. Follow all of them within a day. Within a week, you will notice the growth of your twitter followers.

Also, remember to tweet on weekends to boost your twitter growth quickly.

3. Take Advantage Of Tools to Find and Follow People

They will definitely help you increase your twitter followers even if you are a starter with zero online reputation.



An amazing twitter tool used by more than 1 million users to increase their twitter followers. Only you need to follow relevant people in your industry by using their search function and you can also have the choice to unfollow those who don’t give a follow back on Twitter.

Manage Flitter:

manage filter tool

Another good twitter tool and rather better than Tweepi. You can find and follow people with similar interests and you can also unfollow who don’t give a follow back.

4. Keep Following Unless You Reach 5000 Twitter Followers Limit

Just a year ago, Twitter increased the following limit. It is up to 5000 accounts. Hence you can follow up to 5000 users on Twitter without any follow limits.

But once you reach 5000 accounts, you can continue following more people unless your ratio of followers is good enough.

You can follow 1,000 users per day, so no haste.

5. Use Buffer For Posting Amazing Tweets


You can post amazing tweets you can get fast followers. When people will notice that you are posting great tweets, they start following. Find out some epic contents in your industry and tweet about them often. you may like to know few smart tips for writing better content.

The buffer is a free platform to find and tweet qualitative. You need to create a free account, add your twitter profile get-go, also remember to follow the optimised timings.

Tools like Buffer are important to find and tweet quality links.

6. Use Tweetable Quotes In Your Blog Posts

You can use free WordPress plugins to add tweetable quotes to your blog posts. You need to install any one of the plugins and you can make your blog post content tweetable.

Your blog readers can easily tweet your tweetable quotes giving you more retweets, engagement, and followers.

7. Use Images As You Tweet

An image always works wonders!

And it will increase your tweet engagement as well and increase your twitter followers. To mention, the tweets that include images get more retweets, likes, and comments.

Use twitter’s image upload feature as you tweet. Add a compelling image. You can also use free tools like Pablo from Buffer or Canva to create free images to enhance your engagement and twitter followers.

8. Make Your Twitter Profile Attractive

Your Twitter user id either makes or breaks your twitter success. To create a captivating twitter header image (preferably with 1500 x 1500 size with perfect fit) by using your website links.

Also, use your picture so that others will know who you are.

Final Thoughts:

You also need to find bloggers who are quite active on Twitter, connect with them in comments, try and attract their followers, get more twitter followers and implement the above tips.

With this, we conclude. If you use some other tips to increase twitter follower, then let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Your tips for increasing the number of followers might be used to the younger generation. Because they seem to be cashing their posts, likes, and comments. By any means thanks for valuable tips.

  2. Hey! Thanks for the tips. If anything, buying twitter followers can really help a brand in gaining real twitter followers.

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