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The Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites For Marketing

The Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites For Marketing

You must know about social bookmarking websites which are sites where Internet users share their web pages, blog posts, articles, images, and videos. With several advantages, the submissions really pay off well. This helps in popularising your brands.

The more people get to know about your content; the more viral it goes!

Here just check out the best social bookmarking sites:

1. Pinterest

This has been very successful in bookmarking. 80% of users are women and 42% of US adult women with an online account. Several daily users consult this site before deciding to buy something from the store.

2. StumbleUpon

One of the bigger social bookmarking sites. Along with bookmarking, you can also add some extra details to it, telling something about the content type and the subject.

This permits users to get into their own interests and can also see relevant content submitted by others.

3. Twitter

This is the biggest one among all. Twitter is amazing and you can get it in several ways. First, you need to posts links, images, and content with your account which means you have actually bookmarked them. You can revisit them again.

You can also use the like button for some tweets. Through them also you can go back to the posts later on.

4. Dribble

A beautiful bookmarking site mainly for designers. A great space for inspiration, to draw traffic to your site and have a design team as well.

5. Digg

Earlier it was more like Reddit with a curate front page, through the site users. Now the stuff is done by editors while keeping its bookmarking function.

A great place to find content and organize your profile.

6. Pocket

A well designed social bookmarking site. It has an app to Pocket stuff as you move on, that prevents you from returning to the site every time. You can look out by your search to find things.

7. Reddit

A self-styled ‘front page of the internet’. You can submit links to stories, images or videos which they find interesting and other Reddit users can either upvote or downvote the submissions.

By any options of an upvote, comment or downvote; you can create a list of bookmarked content. An amazing way to promote your content.

8. Slashdot

They show new stories submitted by users and also share the perfect links on Linux, games, phone, security, management, book reviews, and lots more. You need to check the submission guidelines.

9. We Heart It

Its specific and related to visuals, that include images, GIFs and videos – singly and also acts as a social network as well. Currently, this allows submitting articles like that of Medium.


This is for professionals, business, and corporations. With over 1 million registered users it can provide a substantial audience. You can select from a free to paid plans, based on the number of topics you want to post about.

If you are using social bookmarking sites, also try to be social as well. Also do share others’ content, RT their content which you find interesting, and take part in discussions.

If you be generous, you will find other users also returning you the favour.

With this, we conclude. Hope the piece is useful for you. Stay connected with us and keep visiting our website ForumMantra and follow our Facebook page to know more.

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  1. Thanks for this post.I was looking for the best bookmarking sites. This was really effective for me.

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