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Blog Promotion on Facebook: Social Media Tips For Bloggers

Blog Promotion on Facebook: Social Media Tips For Bloggers

Are you a blogger? Do you want to reach out vast audience? Keep reading this article to get an idea about the complete guide to building your blog audience.

Do you know about Facebook marketing? Do you know how to use Facebook for blog promotion?

How active are you in Facebook groups? If you have a positive answer then keep reading this article, you will get an idea how to promote a blog on your FB profile. What would take only 10 minutes can draw you many visitors?

It’s not only about Facebook, you must also know, how to promote your blog on social media.

Share your blog on your Facebook timeline

To mention, there are 4 places on the computer where you can easily promote your blog. You could choose any or all.

Cover Photo

Go to your Facebook page

Click on « Edit profile » on your cover photo

In the window which appears, you can add your intro and your featured image.

Next, save the two sections separately by clicking the blue “Save” button!

Work section

Go to your profile, and click on “Edit” option on your cover photo.

Next click on “Add a workspace”

You will be redirected to another page, to click on “Add a workplace” again.

Fill the information asked

For a company, enter the name of your Facebook Page.

Position: You can write “owner”

Next, enter the date you created your blog.

Before saving changes, make it visible to the public.

Then you save.

Mention the pages you manage

A new option on Facebook it is.

Go to your Facebook profile

On the left sidebar, there is a link which says “Show the pages you manage”; Click it!

In the pop-up, select the pages.

Then click the Save button.

Show your blog and social media

Visit your Facebook profile

Click “About” tab

On the left side, click “Contact and Basic info”

Click on “+ Add a website”. Ensure it is in public mode

To add any social media, click on « + Add another social link »

Add social links of your choice.

Click on save button. Make sure it is visible to the public.

How to check if your edit is public?

Visit your Facebook profile

Click on “…” then “View as…”

This way you are seeing your profile as a complete stranger.

Check if your changes are visible.

If yes, then it’s mission accomplished.

If not, then edit to change the mode “public”.

We conclude now. Hope this piece of information was useful to you.

Blogging and social media go handy, but you must know about social media blog pot ideas. So keep looking into this space, we keep sharing on the same from time to time.

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