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The Top 10 Amazing Travel Trends For 2018

The Top 10 Amazing Travel Trends For 2018

Though it is an extremely an old industry, travel trends are changing at quite a fast pace, mainly when it comes to adopting new forms of technology.

Here we mention 10 travel and tourism trends, 2018 which would be unique and the latest as well.

List of top 10 travel trends for 2018:

1. Travel mixed with leisure and business

Travel mixed with leisure and business

With a rise in business travel and the countries becoming easier to access, travellers nowadays opt to combine business and leisure for more convenience. Hence, travel agencies are about to see more quick vacations, tailored tours and travel plans influenced by factors like availability of time, proximity, etc.

2. Experimental travels

Experiences would be the main achievement of travel this year. For today, travellers, travelling are all about meeting new people and the experiences you earn.

3. Cultural Travel

Cultural Travel

Travelling also helps you learn the culture of other countries and places. With home stays and boutique hotels become more popular, and travellers customising their vacations around specific festivals, cultural hotspots; to do culture travel is at rising as well.

4. Only women tours

Only women tours

This indicates a major shift in the industry, solo women travelling is becoming a fast norm as women are venturing outside their comfort zone, and is eager to experiment with destinations, experiences, and activities.

5. Luxury Travel Trends 2018

Luxury Travel Trends 2018

Luxury has always been a major travel part; it’s now going to increase in 2018. Starting from first-class plane suites to themed getaways, exclusive destinations, spa vacations, unique experiences, this segment will never go out of fashion.

6. Technology and AI

As technology is increasing, this going to include in travel industry trends and would impact the industry as well. Hence, the industry could see an enhancement in technology being used for various applications like travel bookings, local communication, and ease of local travel. Personalization will be fortified by analysis of interactions with other travellers.

7. Fast getaways

In comparison to long vacations, faster weekend getaways have now become the norm, with travellers going for undiscovered locations closer to home, which can be traveled in a couple of days. Thus, they get a chance to unwind amidst a very busy schedule and learn new things about areas around their hometown.

8. Staycations

If you are yet searching the best countries to visit then no worries; staycations have become quite a popular trend and now many travellers have started in the direction of being around locally to enjoy their vacations. Thus, they get to enjoy a peaceful vacation, without time spent in travelling and without any worry about finance and what to eat.

9. Voluntourism

Volunteering is getting another new definition with voluntourism, a growing trend in travel today, with over 1.6 million volunteer tourists travelling every year; mostly students desiring to fill their gap years or professionals willing to making a difference.

10. Adventure travel

 Adventure travel

There will be no age when adventure travelling will fall out of trend. Whether it’s parasailing, trekking, surfing, bungee jumping, snorkeling, kayaking, kiteboarding, hiking or any other sport, adventure is the central requisite for the travel industry.

Just find out which trend does you like? Are you travelling for adventure or cultural learning? Let us know your priority in the comment section below. We shall keep updating about future trends in tourism industry here.

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