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Top 10 Best Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

Top 10 Best Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

There are lots of people who actually want to lose weight and such people need to focus on the best snacks for weight loss. After doing it properly you will get a good boost in your metabolism and energy. There are some healthy snacks that you can eat all day on a daily basis. It should contain protein, fats, and fiber depending on your activity level. Protein and fiber food is slow in digestion and doesn’t give you the feeling of emptiness.

Let us see some healthy snacks for weight loss:

1.String Cheese

There is about 6 to 8 gm of proteins per serving in String cheese. Each cheese has its own amount of calorie and fat content. Combine it with crackers or grapes and enjoy the meal sumptuously. This is one amount of the food you can eat a lot without weight gain.

2.Hard-Boiled Egg

A whole egg contains 6 gm of protein and a good amount of vitamin D and vitamin B in a dozen eggs. This is definitely a cheap and a protein-rich choice suggested by lots of nutritionists. This is one of the healthy snacks that can help you to lose weight.

3.Apple With Nut Butter

This is one of the best snacks for weight loss and it contains all the combination of nutrients like protein, fiber, and fat. You can also include cashew butter, almond butter and walnut butter in your diet.

4. Almonds

Among all the healthier nuts, almond is considered quite effective for weight loss. Apart from that, it is also rich in omega-9 fatty acids which is effective for heart health. You eat with dried fruit for extra sweetness and fiber. Almonds also help to improve memory.


If you are unable to have good breakfast then try taking oats as your breakfast. It is a wonderful protein and a fiber-rich snack. It is good to choose plain oats.

6.Veggies With Hummus

You will definitely get a good amount of nutrition from Hummus and it offers a good amount of fat and protein and when mixed with peppers, carrots and celery sticks you will get a good amount of fiber as well. This is the best snack for weight loss.

7.Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt has a protein content of about 12 to 20 grams. It is very much yummy in taste.

8. Protein Bar

Protein bars are good to consume after a workout. Just choose the right bar with good amounts of protein and fiber with fewer carbs and sugar.


Your cravings will be satisfied with this yummy food which is full of protein and has 3 grams of fiber. With added salt and pepper you can consume a healthy and a tasty snack.

10.Roasted Chickpeas

Chickpeas have good nutritional value and you can enjoy eating it with herbs, olive oil or cinnamon.

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