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Top 10 best National parks in India

Top 10 best National parks in India

Are you free this rainy season then just book a car and fasten your seats for visiting some of the best national parks in India? You will definitely be excited about encountering various wild animals and their natural habitat. Get to see various animals from lion to rhino and get mesmerized by God’s creation.

List of best national parks in India:

1) Jim Corbett National Park

It is situated in Nainital and is famous for spotting the national animal “ Tiger”. This is one of the best national parks to visit in August. You can also view jackals, leopards, sloth bear, black bear, deer, and monkeys. You have options to book jeep safaris to surf around. It covers an area of about 520 sq kilometers. Apart from the month of August, you can also visit this place any time between November and June.

2) Kaziranga

This is the best place to view Tiger, Rhino, Wild Buffalo, Elephant, and Swamp Deer. It covers an area of about 378 sq km. It offers shelter to leopards, bears, and other species of birds. Apart from the jeep safaris, the tourists can also opt for the elephant safaris in the morning. This unique national park is ideal to view from November to April.

3) Gir Forest National Park

It is situated in Gujarat and is quite famous natural habitat for Asian Lions. It got established in the year 1990. There are 600 lions over here. You can also view other animals like wild boar, chital, sambar, chinkara, black buck. This best national park in India can be viewed from December to March.

4) Sundarban National Park

This National Park is situated in West Bengal is a habitat for Tigers. It is near the Ganges Delta. The main hotspot over here is the mangrove forest. You can view saltwater crocodile, Bengal Tiger, leopard cats, foxes, Ganges river dolphins and various other reptiles and mammals. You can go for a boating view the surrounding sceneries. It is an ideal view during the months of December to February.

5) Satpura National Park

It covers an area of about 524 sq km with narrow gorges, thick forests, sandstone peaks etc. This place shelters huge wildlife like wild boar, leopards, black buck, deer etc. It is ideal to view from October to April. This is one of the best national parks to view in India.

6) Eravikulam National Park

You can find rare species of Nilgiri Thar in this national park. Apart from that, there are leopards, elephants, deer, otters, mongoose and a big number of birds and butterflies. It is one of the best national parks in Kerala. It is ideal for visiting between September and November. It is one of the best tourist places to visit in Kerala.

7) Pench National Park

It is one of the best national parks found in Madhya Pradesh and is a habitat for Royal Bengal Tigers. There are other wild animals like boar, deer, elephant, leopard, fox, etc. It is ideal to view during the period from November to May.

8) Sariska National Park

This is one of the best national parks in India is situated in Rajasthan and is found across an area of about 866 sq km and assists a rocky landscape. It is quite famous for viewing Lion over here. You can visit this place during the period from October to June.

9) Kanha National Park

It is quite an ideal place to view elephants, jackals, tigers, monkeys, leopards, swamp deer, black buck, sambhar, and chital. The best time to visit this place is from November to June.

10) Ranthambore National Park

It covers an area of about 392 sq km and is famous habitat for animals like jackals, bears, leopards. Bison, monkeys, and deer. The best time to visit between October and May.

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