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Top 10 Electrical Engineering Apps For Engineers And Aspiring Students

Top 10 Electrical Engineering Apps For Engineers And Aspiring Students

With the emergence of smartphones, life became easy and smart as well. Though everything is mentioned in books and desktop applications with Smartphone life became super easy and fast with electrical and electronic engineers, electricians, hobbyists and students like the list of the best electrical and electronics engineering apps installed in the Smartphone and mobiles.

To talk about scopes, a few might question, what is future scope for electrical engineering? Well, this is one of the fastest growing fields which involves study and application of electricity and electronics. It is also an interesting branch of engineering because it involves knowledge of computer, electrical and electronics and communication.

Check out the list of the top 10 apps for electrical and electronic engineers and students.

1. Electrical Technology

This is a very basic Android App developed for concepts in basic electrical engineering. The advantage of this Electrical Android App is that you can use it offline.

The best features of the Android app are that there are more than 10 advanced and most essential Electrical Engineering calculators included for free. Moreover, you can learn basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering tutorials and problem solving and more without any internet connection.

And the best part is that it is Free and will always be.

2. Lessons In Electric Circuits

This is a very good app resource for Electrical and electronic engineers and students. It has 6 volume namely:

Vol. 1 — DC

Vol. 2 — AC

Vol. 3 — Semiconductors

Vol. 4 — Digital

Vol. 5 — Reference

Vol. 6 – Experiments

3. EveryCircuit

This is a great Smartphone app for electrical and mainly for electronics engineers and students. This app lets you understand that how to do design various important electronic circuits and their working.

In this app, you can develop any electrical or electronic circuit like a Logic gate, inductive, capacitive, operational amplifier and other electrical & electronics circuits. You have to tap to design and play. And you can watch dynamic charge, current and voltage colourful animations with waveforms.

4. DroidTesla

A simple and spicy tool. It allows you to solve, simulate and analyze various electrical and electronic circuits by making use of KCL and KVL. It can solve linear and nonlinear circuits like capacitive, resistive, inductive and BJT, Transistor, Diode, 555, MOSFETS, Logic gate and lots more…

The app comes in two versions, Free, and pro. The pro version has more features.

5. Electronics Toolkit

The Electronic Toolkit helps you to calculate unknown quantities in the field of electrical and electronics engineering. It gives a resistor colour code, power calculator, and Ohm’s Law, Parallel, Series and Series/Parallel combination of capacitor inductors and resistors.

It is also calculated resistivity, Power factor triangle, i.e. active, reactive and apparent, magnetic fields, reactance and much more. This app also comes in two versions, Free, and pro.

6. Electrical Engineering Pack

One of the most and detailed apps for electrical and electronics engineers and students and has 39 Electrical/Electronic calculator and 16 Electrical/ Electronic Converters.

The app comes in pro version only.

7. Electrical Pro

This is a greater tool for Electrical and Electronic Engineers and electricians. This app is a compilation of five sub apps which use the 2008/2011 National Electric Code (NEC).

This permits you to calculate motor calculations, fault calculations, wire ampere capacity, Voltage drop, residential feeder size, calculations and a lot of other things.

The app comes in pro version only and you have to purchase it.

8. Electrical Wiring

A tool which calculates Residential load, Ground wire sizing, Voltage drop, Conduit fill, Copper & Aluminium wire sizes, Electrical Motors and other components, Neutral current and Demand load in Amp in VA.

The app also comes in two versions, free and pro. The pro version has more features

9. Electrical calculations

This is notably an essential app for electrical and electronics engineers and electricians. There are several calculators available in this app. This app comes in two versions, free and pro.

10. Electrical LV Calculator

The app helps you to design an electrical system which lowers the reactive power, i.e. improve power factor, calculate the short-circuit current, maximum allowable power installation, Voltage drop, the automatic switch current in A, calculate minimum and maximum cable and wire size, calculate a number of earth electrodes and earth resistance etc.

We hope the above-mentioned Apps and tools would help you a lot. Let us know what you find very suitable to your needs in the comment section below. Along with the vast scope of electrical engineering and these apps you can definitely create bright impact in this field. There are several other apps available for smartphones; we included the ones with more customer preferences or recommendations.

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  1. Top 10 Electrical Engineering Apps For Engineers And Aspiring Students is
    1. Electrical Technology
    2. Lessons In Electric Circuits
    3. EveryCircuit
    4. DroidTesla
    These articles are the for beginners it is very impressive

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