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Top 10 SEO Tips and Tricks That You Need to Know

Top 10 SEO Tips and Tricks That You Need to Know

There are lots of SEO professionals who are finding it difficult to understand the concept of Technical SEO. The site rankings will be enhanced by fixing the technical issues. Let us see 10 Technical SEO tips and tricks to increase website rankings.

SEO tips and tricks to increase website rankings

1) Make a Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile-Friendly, responsive websites were primarily given major Google algorithm updates in the previous year. There were lots of websites that were taken to task and penalized for not adopting a more mobile-friendly web template and this situation was termed as Mobilegeddon.

2) Develop an XML Sitemap

To identify and index your web pages, Google requires Sitemaps. Thus it is important for you to develop an XML sitemap of your site. Yoast SEO plugin or Google’s own Google XML sitemaps plugin can be used to create the sitemap. Google Search Console is the mode to submit the sitemap of your website that you created to Google.

3) Boost the speed of your website

If the speed of your site is slow or it takes a long time to respond then your site will be penalized by Google. Even if the content in the website is good it will not be that good in terms of ranking when compared to that site which has faster load times. This is a simple and an important SEO tip that you must follow.

4) Rectify your site Errors weekly

If you want your website to be on top consistently then you need to run a technical audit every week. This can be achieved by lots of tools on the market but the most recommended tools are WooRank, Raven Tools or SEMrush.

5) Internal Linking Leverages

Internal Linking can be used to avoid the trouble created by generating the backlinks from external authority sites. The pages you want to have a higher rank can be linked to high-authority pages.

6) Mention Keywords in your Image Alt Text

An image file cannot be read by Google, therefore, metadata must be mentioned to read the image file name. Your image alt text must also contain the keywords. You can also use it as a caption. This SEO tip is very much important.

7) Prevent Duplicate Content Issues with Canonical URLs

The duplicate content on your site must be deleted and this must be your first priority. It is ideal to use SEO tools like Raven Tools or SEMrush for scanning and fixing duplicate content problems on your site. You can use Canonical URLs in places where you cannot avoid the presence of duplicate content.

8) Use an SSL Certificate for your Website

HTTPS encryptions are very much considered for ranking as per the rule coined by Google in 2014. If you are considering to get an SSL certificate for your website you need to upgrade to the enhanced security and SEO.

9) Google Search Console and Crawl Errors

There is another severe technical issue termed crawl error in Google Search Google every week because it will be a problem for your website and affect your rankings. Also, check the robots.txt file to avoid blocking pages that are not meant to be blocked.

10) Use Google AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages is the full form of AMP and this helps to load the page at a rapid speed on mobile devices. Although there is no official announcement by Google to use AMP for achieving good ranking yet it urges the publishers to use AMP.

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