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Top 5 Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

Top 5 Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

If you are interested to view various wildlife then this blog is for you. Let us see the list of the best wildlife sanctuary in India:

Wildlife Sanctuaries in India:

1) Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala

This sanctuary consists of renowned Cardamom Hills. It offers an excellent source of water for the local wildlife. It is a highly protected tiger and elephant reserve. This reserve contains 53 tigers in the park. There are other animals over here like Bison, Gaur, Barkin Deer, Sambar, Mongoose etc.

2) Govind Wildlife Sanctuary, Uttarakhand

It covers an area of about 953 sq km dense forest with wonderful views of the surrounding snow-clad peaks. It is a very famous picnic and trekking destination. It is a famous picnic and trekking destination. You can see snow leopard over here. Apart from that, you can find a Black bear, Musk Deer, Himalayan Monal etc.

3) Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh

It lies along the Vindhyan range. Most of the ancient kings used this place as a hunting park. In India, it is a highly secured place and contains the highest density of tigers. Apart from that you can also spot Nilgai and spotted deer.

4) Hemis National park, Jammu and Kashmir

In the Eastern Ladakh of Kashmir, it can be found. It offers lots of recreational opportunities like trekking, camping, and sightseeing. It is the only national park in the North of Himalayas and shelters healthy production of 200 big snow leopards. It is very rare to spot a few Asiatic Ibex. It is a very tough journey because there are no driving roads and you need to walk a lot.

5) Kaziranga National Park, Assam

You can find ultra-tall elephant grass. It is a world heritage site and the park consist of two-thirds of the world’s wonderful one-horned Rhino. You can find lots of wonderful Asiatic water buffalo and Eastern Swamp Deer over here.

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