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Top 6 Amazing Benefits Of Coconut Water

Top 6 Amazing Benefits Of Coconut Water

Coconut water is one of the most preferred beverages in the recent years. It is definitely good and rejuvenates you. Let us see few health benefits of coconut water.

Amazing benefits of coconut water:

1. Good source of several nutrients

This nutritional natural drink is found in the center of the green coconut. The fruit is nourished very well by this water. It has 94 % water and less amount of fat. Almost 0,5 to 1 cup of water can be found in an average coconut. It will be fully matured after 10 to 12 months.

2. Lots of antioxidant properties

During the metabolic state of the cell, there are lots of free radicals or unstable molecules that are generated. It is caused because of stress or injury. The cells are damaged and it enhances the risk of disease. This water also contains antioxidants which nullify the effect of free radicals. There are lots of benefits of coconut water for weight loss.

3. Fights diabetes

The blood sugar level is lowered with the help of coconut water and it enhances the overall health of such patients. It is very apt for a diabetic meal plan because it contains three grams of fiber and digestive carbs.

4. Prevent kidney stones

They keep the body hydrated and help in preventing the kidney stones. They are actually formed by calcium, oxalate and other compounds in the urine. By consuming coconut water on a regular basis such crystals are reduced.

5. Blood pressure is reduced

It maintains blood pressure because of 600 mg of potassium. Therefore consume it on a regular basis and enjoy the health benefits of coconut water.

6. Apt source for hydration

This sweet beverage has less amount of fat and carbs. Always prefer natural tender coconut water because most of the tinned coconut water contains extra sugar.

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