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Top B2B Marketing Tools You Need To Know

Top B2B Marketing Tools You Need To Know

If you want to handle B2B social media efforts or get to know marketing ROI of your previous email campaign there are lots of top B2B marketing tools that you need to know. Let us see them in detail.

List of B2B Marketing Tools

1. Google Analytics

A wealth of insight is offered by free marketing tool about the performance of a website. The effectiveness of every web page or blog posts relies on page views or visits or bounce rates as per the analytics. Along with that, it is possible to find the most successful sources for generating traffic to your website. There are lots of latest features added by Google that can take B2B marketing efforts to the next stage. They are:

  • Annotations

  • URL builder tool.

2. Social Mention

This is a free marketing tool which offers actual time alerts and analysis of online brand mentions. For identifying whether the brand name, competitor’s name, executive’s name with email alerts. Microblogs, Social mention monitors blogs, video sites, social bookmarks, new sites etc. There are some unique features like:

  • Gauge the sentiment of your brand or another keyword

  • Identify top users who are mentioning brand name and another keyword

  • The most famous words are determined with a brand name or other keyword

3. HootSuite

It is ideal for managing lots of social media accounts right from a particular location where you can handle various Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn and other social profiles.

4. CoTweet

This is an important free tool for including your marketing mix if your company is using Twitter. It is useful for tracking brand competitor or keyword mentions and reply accordingly.

5. Google AdWords

This is a very simple and easy SEO tool for keyword research. It is possible to determine the keyword competition, monthly keyword search volume, related keyword and their search volume.

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