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List Of Trending Top Mechanical Engineering Companies in India

List Of Trending Top Mechanical Engineering Companies in India

One of the lucrative among many careers is mechanical engineering career with several openings for mechanical engineering jobs. Mechanical Engineering is a versatile field of engineering which applies principles of material science and physics for designing, production, maintenance and analysis of mechanical systems. It is the branch of engineering which applies mechanical and heat power for operation of equipment and machines, production and design tasks.

With several vacancies for mechanical engineers, they are recruited by several organizations in this field in India and here we present mechanical companies in India list with the big names in the field of mechanical engineering and that also recruits mechanical engineers frequently. To mention all of them are dream companies for mechanical engineers and some are the best mechanical companies in India for fresher.

Take look at top mechanical engineering companies in India:

Tata Group


Godrej Group


Larsen & Toubro




To know some details about them.

Tata Group:

A renowned business group in India and they have made their presence felt in every industry in India. Tata Group is a private company which was started in the year 1868 and this company frequently recruit engineers. In their recruitment of candidates, mechanical engineers form a major part and they recruit mechanical engineers for all of their engineering operations.

Bosch :

In India, Bosch is a leading supplier of technology and services in the field of consumer goods, mobility solutions, industrial technology and energy and building technology. They often recruit highly efficient mechanical candidates and could be a good avenue for you.

Godrej Group:

Godrej Group is also engaged in various sectors and they made their name in locks & furniture, refrigerator, and air conditioning manufacturer. With their headquarters in Mumbai, the company has earned the top 15th position among best companies to work in India. They recruit mechanical engineers for in electrical and electronics division, precision engineering division and process equipment division.


Kirloskar Group works in core mechanical fields and they manufacture air conditioning related equipment, refrigerators, pumps, agricultural products, valves and several other products. As they are engaged in the making of products related to defense, marine, oil & gas, building & construction, hydro resource management and irrigation sectors, they recruit candidates for a vast range of their operations.

Larsen & Toubro:

This is one of the top companies recruiting mechanical engineers. Also popularly known as L&T, they are leaders in engineering and construction sector in India. They also have their operations in other sectors like metals, petrochemicals, mining, electrical, automobile and aerospace and they recruit mechanical engineers for operations various sectors.


A popular multi-national company operating all over the world and they have almost 19 manufacturing plants in India. They have business in healthcare, consumer products, energy, construction technologies, etc… for which they recruit mechanical engineers frequently.


This is another great organization to find job opportunities for mechanical graduates. They are engaged areas like power, air pollution control, waste water treatment, cooling, heaters, boilers, etc… They also look out frequently for efficient mechanical engineers.


They are the 5th largest and 8th largest Wind Turbine making company in Asia and World respectively. They have production facilities in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Gujarat, and Maharashtra. This company is an eco-friendly company and often look after efficient mechanical candidates.

In addition to the above-mentioned companies, other top companies like GE, and Schneider Electric are best mechanical companies for fresher and experienced candidates.

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