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Transcendental Meditation: A Meditation Technique for stress relief

Transcendental Meditation: A Meditation Technique for stress relief

Meditation is an age-old technique where a person focuses on a particular thought or an inner-self to attain a peaceful mind. All the religions promote the meditation for overall well being of a person. Nowadays most of the people go for yoga classes learn techniques of meditation for stress relief and few of the people end up frustrated without getting proper focus and are confused about “ What is the best way to meditate?”.

There are various kinds of Meditation for relaxation.

1) Transcendental Meditation

2) Heart Rhythm Meditation

3) Kundalini

4) Guided Visualization

5) Qi Gong

6) Zazen

7) Mindfulness

In this article, we are going to mention about Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation

This meditation is performed by repeating a slokha or a mantra that has been suggested to you by a certified TM trainer. If you are unable to focus on any object then you need to choose TM as the recitation of mantra solves the problem. This technique will boost your confidence and create lots of positive energy. This meditation is for relaxation of mind, body, and soul. The time duration for this meditation is approximately 20 minutes. Daily dedicate 20 minutes to this and it will definitely do wonders. Get help from a certified TM teacher who will teach you how to do it effectively.

Unique Technique

This technique helps you to be in the present and gives you surrounding awareness. This meditation technique is for stress relief and also needs to control your mind. This meditation is quite simple and shifts your focus within you. This gives a calm state of mind.

Advantages of Transcendental Meditation

This will decrease the stress and tension and enhance the cognitive function. Depression and anxiety are also relieved with this technique and also helps in dealing with insomnia, addiction, and ADHD.

There are unbelievable health benefits of yoga and meditation. You will overcome all the negative emotions and set up goals and achieve it to become a very strong person. You will learn to accept the imperfections and failures. You will express gratitude for the things you have got. Your entire life which deals with food, mental, business, relationships, health and career will be transformed effectively.

This practice will definitely make a difference in your life and you can also focus on the burning candle or just bring the image of the candle in between your two eyes and meditate on the light for 20 mins. Apart from that, you can also refer other books like 40 Rules of Love, The Power of Now and Rising Strong.

You can also join any yoga class and learn meditation techniques for relaxing your mind and gaining confidence, peace of mind, health, overall well being etc.

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