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The Unnoticed Problems With Our Smartphones

The Unnoticed Problems With Our Smartphones

With our increased and dangerous relationship with technology, most importantly the smartphones have quite badly affected consequences in our love stories, family life, work, leisure time and health. Here we discuss the deadly consequences of our association with our phones.

 Know The Unnoticed Problems With Our Smartphones:

1. Get Addicted

Our addiction to our phones is not as simple as it sounds. It has darker consequences as well. Owing to our phones, we might find ourselves uneasy to sit alone in a room with our own thoughts playing in our minds, which dare to wander into the past and the future, and allow ourselves to feel some pain, smile at our desires, and regret some decisions and get the excitement over a few.

2. Dating

With digitalization now, people hook up easily and get separated at the slightest arising of differences. We judge people in comparison to people whom we never met. Of course, every person is not perfect and hence we continue our searches to find the perfect person.

There can be no right person and compatibility is an achievement towards love, somewhat its precondition. But with phone friendship with various options available at hand; we tend to get upset and distance with slightest differences with our expectations.

3. Phones and our relationships

We all love family life and are very keen and devoted to relationships. The wonderful feelings have a mix of awkward and frustrating things as well. The partner might not be ideally sympathetic or family is quite conflicted. Our phone is but docile, very responsive to our touch, always with us and does whatever we want.

In the process, we happen to near our phone and get distance from our family.

4. Miss Some Beauty From Life

Our phones deliver us many things but without our notice, it tends to separate us from the world pleasures like:

  • The soothing distance sound of traffic
  • Watch moss on an old stone wall
  • Pleasure of feeling tired after hard work
  • Watch clouds slowly drifting across the sky
  • The hesitance of someone’s shy smile

5. The Dream of being ‘liked’

Every one of us wants to be “Liked”. The momentary excitements when we get a message aren’t ridiculous. There is some hope that our troubles and joys will be understood by others; and that all the messages we send to the world would be received and understood, at least by someone. We must not be afraid by our loneliness.

Loneliness is essential when it allows us to have conversations with self and give us a character. We don’t just tend to think like everyone; we have unique viewpoints.

6. Selfies

The problem with selfies is that we don’t take them with seriousness. Actually, selfies are not that silly or self-regarding, but they belong to the grand traditions of high art called the self-portrait. Although Rembrandt was addicted to making self-images he never showed himself winking or making any funny hand gestures. Instead, he looked closely at who he was and what he had become: reflect the sadness that slowly accumulated in his own face, trying to find out of what he really made of being alive or what life did to him. What has he done with his time on earth? He was not seeking approval of others; he was trying to seek self-knowledge.

The art of a selfie might have a long way to go.

With this, we conclude. It seems though we live in the world of technologies with great smartphones we haven’t yet mad the best use of them every time which would benefit us in any way.

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