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Things To Know About Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality

Things To Know About Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality

The current reality is that there is great confusion all over between augmented reality and virtual reality. Now they are both earning lots of media attention and are of promising growth. In this blog will discuss all the details and the differences between virtual reality and augmented reality.

Virtual Reality or VR

Virtual Reality

This is actually a computerized creation of a real environment or situation. It makes the user feels like they are experiencing the real situation by stimulating their vision and hearing.

Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality

VR can be attained by wearing a headset like Facebook’s Oculus along with the technology, and is used in 2 ways:

To create and increase an imaginary reality for games, entertainment, and play.

To improve training for real-life environments by creating a real situation, for which people can practice and be prepared beforehand.

VR is done through a coding language called VRML. This is used to design a series of images.

Augmented Reality or AR

Augmented Reality or AR


This is a technology that puts computer-based enhancements over an existing reality to add more meaning to the ability to interact with it. AR is created in apps and used on mobile devices to mix digital components into the real world.

This technology is rapidly coming into the mainstream. Owing to this you can see score overlays on telecasted sports and pop out 3D emails, images or text messages on mobile devices. In simple words, AR is revolutionary!

Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality

They are actually inverse reflections for each other. VR creates an entertainment of real-life situations, whereas, AR gives the virtual elements as an overlay to the real world.

How are they similar?

Technologically, both leverage some of the similar technology types, and they both offer an enhanced or better experience.

In the world of Entertainment, both the technologies provide experiences which are becoming very common. Leading tech experts are researching and developing new adaptations, making improvements, and releasing advanced products and apps which support these technologies for tech-savvy users.

In the world of Science and Medicine, both have great power to change the face of the medical field by introducing things like remote surgeries.

How Do They Differ?


AR improves experiences by adding virtual components like digital images or graphics, as a totally different layer with the real world. Whereas, VR designs its own reality which is computer based and driven.

Delivery Process

VR is mostly delivered through a hand-held controller. This equipment allows people to control and navigate their actions in an environment similar to the real world.

AR is used in mobile devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones to change intersect or interact between \ the real world and digital images or graphics.

How They Work Together?

Often they work independently and if blended to generate, they could provide more inspiring experience. For instance, haptic feedback is considered an augmentation. But it is commonly used in a VR setting to provide more real-life experience.

VR and AR provide good experiences of the real world in virtual. Alone used or blended together, they are definitely a way through the worlds-both real and virtual alike.

We conclude now. Hope this piece of information was useful to you.

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