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World Of Dance Best Dancers: Dytto, Fik-Shun, Marquese

World Of Dance Best Dancers: Dytto, Fik-Shun, Marquese

Dance is that art which contains human body movement that goes rhythmically to the music. It is the best form of a universal visual message that everyone can understand. From hip-hop to salsa, from ballet to Asian dance, certainly, dance gives energy to self and the soul.

dytto fik shun marquese

Here we list world of dance best performers who are also the greatest of the performers currently.

The World of Dance 2016, witnessed many great artists and among them mentionable are Dytto, Fik-Shun, and Marquese.

Dytto: An animation, host, and model. As a dancer, her unique styles are popping, robot ting, animation, and finger tutting.


She got featured in a Google Android Wear commercial.

Born in Miami, Florida, she enjoyed gymnastics and cheerleading before taking up, steadily with her passion for dance.

Fik-Shun: This is the stage name for Du-Shaunt Stegall.

fik shun

He became the male winner of season 10 of So You Think You Can Dance. His inspiration is dancer Phillip Chbeeb.

Dytto and Fik-Shun have together performed on her YouTube channel.

Marquese Scott: He is a king of dubstep, hip hop, and street dancer who came to be known for his YouTube videos and his music video appearances.

Marquese Scott

He previously served the U.S. Navy for four years before pursuing dance as a professional career.

He is popularly known by the stage name “Nonstop.”

His popular YouTube dance video “Pumped Up Kicks/Dubstep” was featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Dance Plus Season 3 witnessed the return of Remo D’souza with some of the best dancers of the world.


Remo’s squad of Dance Plus 3 international dancers, includes Dytto and Fik-Shun, who are huge Digital superstars themselves and popular in the world’s dancing community and took the stage with excitement. With their unique skill and style, they won the hearts of the competitors and the viewers as well.

dance plus 3 international stars

This dance reality show is unique of its kind has recreated a craze in the hearts of viewers and contestants. This season, challenges have taken a level high and competition became tougher with the introduction of international dancers every week.

Super Judge Remo and the makers of the show managed to bring profound dance maestros on the stage of Dance +. And the makers could get on board Shri Pandit Birju Maharaj in Remo’s squad as a challenge to the contestants, as well.

Dance Plus 3 really tries to find the best talents and push forward them. The fact is also that the mentors and judge of the show, namely Shakti Mohan, Punit Pathak, Dharmesh Yelande, and Remo D’souza are themselves, capable dancers.

To mention again, World of Dance it is a California based dance lifestyle brand which has become an international platform for a dance competition that attracted above 100,000 dancers and enthusiasts in over 25 countries all across the globe.

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