A Small Information About Dapps


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What are DApps?

Dapps are Decentralized Applications that run on peer-to-peer networks or the blockchain. A standard app runs on a centralized server, while a decentralized app runs on a p2p network. 


What makes a dApp?

  • Every record of operation, including the application’s data, must be stored on a decentralized platform. This is crucial to avoid a central point of failure.
  • The decentralized Ethereum application must be autonomous, which means no centralized authority should have control over its majority of tokens.
  • The application should use cryptographic tokens to let people access it. Also, if the developers make any contribution, they should be rewarded in the application’s tokens. 
  • I.e. if the app’s name is Zengo and its tokens are ZNG like BTC, the contributors should be rewarded in ZNG, which they could later convert to BTC or USD.
  • Ethereum Dapp should generate tokens based on the standard cryptographic algorithm. This is a proof of value that nodes are contributing to the dapp.

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